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Zuahaza, Colombia

Pillow Cover Guanabana

Pillow Cover Guanabana

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The guanabana fruit is green on the outside, with a spiky texture, and white and creamy on the inside. But don't worry, the cream colored guanabana pillow cover shows its softest side. It works wonderfully on its own, but also as a lovely monochrome contrast to more colorful pillows.

Who made it?

Zuahaza, Colombia

About the Artisans


100% organic cotton (hand-spun and industrially spun)


45cm x 45cm

Care information

1. Hand wash or machine wash, your cotton pieces between cool and lukewarm temperatures. To prevent shrink- age, avoid hot temperatures.
2. Drying: For best results, air-dry your item. For tumble drying, select the delicate cycle. Please avoid all hot temperatures.
3. Ironing: Use high heat with a slightly damp fabric.
4. Tasseled items: All tasseled items are washable. Flip the pillowcase inside out to provide extra care when washing.
5. Handspun Cotton: When washing, avoid heavily scrubbing directly on the surface or flipping the pillowcase inside out.

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