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Kara Weaves works with local weavers in Kerala, India to create contemporary design textiles using traditional fabrics and techniques. 

Each product is made from local fabrics that are handcrafted on traditional wooden looms. The production is complex: the yarn is handwoven, washed, dried and then spun on bobbins. Only then does the actual weaving begin - a process that takes several days. 

Since February 2013 they are certified members of the Fair Trade Forum of India, the WFTO country network and WFTO-Asia. 

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The yarn is produced by handloom weaving co-operatives from the "government yarn bank" (which ensures that weavers get access to their raw material for accessible prices). It is then washed and softened, which can take up to five days.

The yarn is then hand dyed and sun dried. It is handspun onto small bobbins and subsequently onto a large frame.

The wrap on the loom is set by threading each thread through the heddled in the shaft and denting it through the beater. Weaving is done using the beater and the shuttle in each arm and guided by the foot pedals.

The entire weaving process takes several days.


Kara Weaves collaborates with local hand weavers cooperatives to re-invent the form and function of the traditional towel fabric from Kerala called ‘thorthu’.

All products are 100% Cotton.


Kara Weaves is a Fair Trade certified Social Enterprise looking back on a decade and a half of creating livelihood through Handloom Weaving. They engage around 800 weavers of which 80% are women.

Products by Kara Weaves

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